I’m Lindzee. I love to cook . I’m currently in my very late twenties living in Boise, Idaho.  I have an unhealthy obsession with the color pink and most of my kitchen appliances are pink.  Whenever I see an kitchen tool/appliance in pink,  I have to exercise restraint to keep from purchasing something I already have in another color.  I am a huge klutz who loves running and  is always covered in dog hair from my 4-year-old Cavalier named Maverick (or Susan Sarandon as we refer to him around the house).


Maverick and I moved from Seattle, Washington in June of 2008 and are really glad we made the move to Boise.  Although I miss many things about Seattle (Good Sushi & Good Friends), I love Boise and everything it has to offer.  You can’t beat the atmosphere in downtown Boise on a summer night and I love having so many friends from college close by and an amazing roommate, Katie. She is pretty.

katiePhoto from www.designeatplay.com

Plus, I met my wonderful boyfriend Javier while living in Boise.  Here is a pic of us eating from the taco truck. mejavi

I graduated from  University of Idaho in 2002 with a degree in communication and have held sales/marketing positions since graduating.  I have loved cooking ever since I started working in my Dad’s restaurant at age 15 and served my first chicken breast with a raw middle.  I enjoy experimenting with new ingredients and trying to copy restaurant dishes. The kind souls that eat my experimental dishes sometimes ask for my recipes and I think this is an easy way to pass them along.

If you would like to contact me here is the info:

lindzee (at) cordonpink.com

or Twitter: @lindzeef 

Hope you enjoy!

Top Five Favorite Foods

1.  King Crab

2. Tacos from the taco truck

3. Thai food

4. Carrot Cake with cream cheese frosting …Well, anything with cream cheese frosting

5. Sourdough Bread

Top Five Hated Foods (It was really hard to come up with 5 foods I hate.  I truly will eat anything)

1. Tilapia –  This stuff tastes like the bottom of a lake and is generally farm-raised in China

2. Beef Stroganoff – Never liked it.

3. Papaya – Tastes like vomit to me.

4. Canned Spinach

5. Aplets and Cotlets (Those things you get in your Xmas stocking with gelled fruit and nuts. Sick.)